Monday, May 23, 2022

Why Niche Directories Matter!

Page1 Niche Directories For SEO

Our SEO Company recently started to build out niche directories to improve the visibility of our clients in the Page1 network. Niche directories can build domain authority to the level where they are as important as a client's primary site.  As you build Google Search page authority, it is important to understand that this authority is a large portion of how Google determines how important your site is to Google Search.

The way these niche directories work, we set them up per specific industries and then add subdomains for each of our directory listings.  Currently, we have these niche directories that are using our local SEO page generation tool.

Niche Directories We Currently Are Building

Page1Auto - Page1Auto is a directory listing and content site for Car Dealers. Click here to visit

Page1Fitness - Page1Fitness is a directory listing and content site for Personal Fitness and Gyms. Click here to visit

Page1Biz - Page1Biz is a small to medium-sized business directory listing for clients of all sorts of businesses. Click here to visit

There is so much more we are doing with these niche directories.  If you are a digital agency and would like to work with us on building out niche dental, medical, legal, or other types of directories, please get in contact with our team at  We also are building and working with the Page1 network at

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